Language Consultant Program

“As an international student, I owe a big part of my social life to the VISAS program. I have had some great times with my Language Consultants and other people I’ve gotten to know through VISAS. I have learned so much about the culture, people and last but not least, the English language.”

-A.A.S., VISAS Participant

The VISAS Language Consultant program is an opportunity to…

Practice your English
Get to know an American student, staff, or faculty member
Get to know another international student, staff, or faculty member
Learn about American culture and norms
Share about your country and culture

Sign up for a VISAS Language Consultant for Spring 2023.

In this program, you will meet with a Language Consultant on UVA Grounds one-hour per week for casual English conversation and cultural exchange. Language Consultant meetings and VISAS Café will begin the week of February 13th and will last for 10 weeks.

“I had the best experience with my Language Consultant, Radina, and I am so grateful for it. It feels like I made a new friend as well as improving my English and my confidence in my oral skills.”

-E.S., VISAS Participant

If you have any questions, please contact