Links to practice English sounds and pronunciation. These are organized by topic: Diagnostic, Segmentals (Vowels & Consonants), and Suprasegmentals.


Pronunciation Diagnostic – The Perception of Spoken English (POSE) Test is a diagnostic test or tool being designed to help teachers and learners of English as a Second or Foreign Language to discover specific problem areas in the perception of spoken English. Advanced.


Phonetic Videos – Shows how sounds are pronounced in English. Do not worry about technical linguistics terms; just follow site to find sounds you need to practice. Also available as an app. 

Segmentals: Sounds of American English – This site contains animations, explanations, diagrams and videos of how to produce American English sounds. 

MSU American Vowel Sounds – This site contains a clear diagram of American vowel sounds, as well as exercises and audio recordings of sounds of minimal pairs.

American Consonants Sounds – This site has a basic diagram of American English consonant sounds and examples and exercises for each consonant sound. It includes commonly mispronounced consonant minimal pairs, exercises, and a quiz for listening discrimination. 

Sound Endings – This site provides practice listening to final sounds. Fun games and activities. Can be done with a partner. 


Word Stress – This site has a good explanation and audio examples of common word stress patterns. Fun games and activities, too.

Sounds of English – This site has many activities for aural comprehension practice.

Rachel’s English – A great site for self-paced pronunciation work.

Pronunciation Around the World – This site provides user-submitted word pronunciations from around the world.

Sentence Stress Rules – This site provides an explanation of sentence stress and rhythm with British native speaker models. There are no practice activities.  

Sentence Stress Practice – This site provides an explanation of rhythm, stress, and timing. It also has links to practice activities.  

Word Practice – This site gives explanation of content vs. function words and some practice with audio examples. Advanced.

More Sentence Stress – This site provides sentence stress practice. Good for academic use, especially among CAELC students. Advanced.

Computerized Speech Simulator – This site allows you to write a sentence in English and then hear a computer-generated speech sample.

Rhythm – This site provides an explanation of sentence stress and rhythm with British native speaker models.

American Accent – This company provides accent training with American English for a fee. It also contains helpful grammar tips.