Workplace: UVA Facilities and O’Hill

Here, you will find a variety of resources to help you work with your international partner.

Conversation Tips and Topics: 

Conversation Starters
Questions to jump-start conversations on a variety of topics. 

Health interactive language activities with vocabulary, pictures, and relevant questions. 

Family interactive language activities that include simple, real family stories and like skills (e.g. parent-teacher conference prep).

Work interactive language activities. Excellent stories from real people about dealing with real problems at work.


Civics Lessons
Civics lessons on a variety of topics. Some subjects are beyond the scope of the citizenship test, but can still be great conversation and learning topics for your learners.

Yes/No Citizenship Questions
A YouTube video to help learners practice yes/no questions asked at the Citizenship Interview. 

Refugee Citizenship Test Prep Course
A free online citizenship test course for refugees with step-by-step lessons. Requires making a free account. You and your learner can go through the lessons together, or if your learner has access to a computer at home, they can use this website on their own.

Pronunciation and Conversation Help: 

Phonetic Videos
Shows how sounds are pronounced in English. Do not worry about technical linguistics terms; just follow the site to find sounds you need to practice. 

Sounds of English
Practice with vowels, consonants, stress, and intonations.

Practical English Conversations
Listen and practice with different English conversation situations, like traveling, going to the bank, shopping, or renting an apartment.

English Conversations for Beginners
Practice conversations for beginners on many topics, like school, food, safety, and health. 

Grammar Work: 

Learn American English Online
This website includes seven color-coded levels of instruction, ranging from beginner to advanced. Each lesson is introduced by a video that explains the relevant grammar point and includes a series of grammar quizzes and dictation exercised (with answers). 

Everyday Grammar 
Videos and fun lessons that show how Americans use English grammar in everyday conversation. 


English dialogues categorized by level, as well as worksheets, e-books, printable resources, and vocabulary resources.

Practical Resources: 

Building Basics: ESL Toolkit for Maintenance Workers
Series of lessons on vocabulary and grammar for maintenance workers, organized by type of work (construction, painting, landscaping, plumbing). 

English for Emails  
A helpful guide to sending, receiving, and organizing emails. This website also talks about email etiquette, and ways to successfully ask and answer questions via email. 

Completing Official Forms
Tips and exercises to help with filling out official forms, such as applications for a passport, driver’s license, or job.