Workplace: UVA Facilities and O’Hill

Find resources to help better work and communicate with your partner, as well as activities for weekly Workplace meetings, here.

For Volunteers: 

Endless Conversation Topics
Click on any of these topics for a list of supporting questions and vocabulary that can help to direct a conversation between yourself and your partner. Conversations can support all sorts of different language activities, or can be speaking practice by themselves! 

Tips for Language Activities 
Use this as a volunteer guide. Sections to look at: Techniques for Assessing Language Needs/Levels, Speaking Activities for all Students, Listening Activities, ESL Literacy 

For Learner Self-Study and Follow-Up Discussion
Listening practice on a variety of topics with comprehension quizzes for self-study, as well as follow up discussions and topics. Look under the ‘”General Listening Quizzes” section. 

Workplace Worksheets
Worksheets and conversation ideas to use in the workplace with your learner.

English dialogues categorized by level, as well as worksheets, e-books, printable resources, and vocabulary resources.  

To use with your learner:

For Learners: 

Audio Dictionary
Search and word and click the microphone icon next to it to hear how it’s pronounced. 

Idiom of the Day (with explanations)

Interactive Word Lists 
There are many links here, but the most useful will be the word lists!

English for Emails
A helpful guide to sending, receiving, and organizing emails. This website also talks about email etiquette, and ways to successfully ask and answer questions via email. 

Self-Study Tool
Listening practice on a variety of topics with comprehension quizzes for self-study as well as follow-up discussion questions/topics. Look under the “General Listening Quizzes” section.

Listening/Reading Comprehension Practice
Short stories with recorded audio. You can practice reading along while listening, or just one or the other!

Practical English Conversations
Listen and practice with different English conversation situations, like traveling, going to the bank, shopping, or renting an apartment.

English Conversations for Beginners
Practice conversations for beginners on many topics, like school, food, safety, and health. 

Pronunciation Practice
This link has audio recording of individual sounds of the English language accompanied by a video of how to pronounce the sound.

Building Basics: ESL Toolkit for Maintenance Workers
Series of lessons on vocabulary and grammar for maintenance workers, organized by type of work (construction, painting, landscaping, plumbing).

Everyday Grammar 
Videos and fun lessons that show how Americans use English grammar in everyday conversation. 

Interactive Language Practice

Completing Official Forms
Tips and exercises to help with filling out official forms, such as applications for a passport, driver’s license, or job.