Media Consultants (MCs)

Program Summary

Use media skills (photography, graphic design, writing, social media) to spread the word about VISAS and VISAS’ amazing participants!

Program Outline

What do MCs do?

MCs work with the VISAS Media, Outreach, and Volunteer (MOR) coordinator on photography, multimedia projects, and social media outreach. Among other duties, MCs photograph VISAS events as their schedule allows, create designs in Canva to promote events, and hold interviews for Humans of VISAS social media posts. 

Time Commitment and Schedule

MCs can expect to volunteer about 1-2 hours per week. Most of the work MCs do is completed independently or in MC groups. MCs are expected to attend VISAS events, including VISAS Café, occasionally. MCs have brief weekly meetings (15 minutes) with the MOR intern.

Position Requirements

English does NOT need to be your first language in order to volunteer as a Media Consultant. An interest in media outreach, as well as getting to know people from other cultures and to share one’s own culture are the only requirements.