ESL Assistants

Here, you’ll find a compilation of resources specifically for ESL Assistants to help you better communicate with students, provide helpful learning tools, and learn more about the academic topics that learners will discuss in class.

Tips for Teaching ESL  

Conversation Questions for the ESL Classroom
Conversation topics for group discussion. 

Teaching ESL
Tips on communication skills for teaching adults in an ESL environment. 

“Building English Fluency”
Ways to make students feel more comfortable speaking English in the classroom.

Academic Resources for Learner Development 

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary
Audio dictionary. 

Academic Writing and Coaching
Pointers for academic writing and presentations. 

Sozo Exchange
Professional English language development resource. 

Perception of Spoken English (POSE) Test
Information about POSE test subject matter, including a practice test. 

American Accent
Accent training in American English. 

Vocabulary by Subject Area 






Computer Science

Civil Engineering

Business and Economics