Canva How-To: Creating a post from scratch

When you are in the MOR 22-23 Canva folder, use the “Add new” button. Click “Add design” then “Create new” to start a new design from scratch.

For most designs, we will use a standard square shape.

Search for templates to get a starting point for your design. There are THOUSANDS of templates. Avoid recently used templates. Find something original!

In Styles, find the VISAS brand kit: fonts and colors. Click these buttons to automatically apply VISAS fonts and colors. Use mostly these fonts and colors, but don’t feel 100% confined to them. Click the color button multiple times to see the colors applied to the design in various ways.

Use Elements to search for interesting graphics or stock photos to add flair to your design. Use Uploads to upload photos. Any other button on the left toolbar is fair game, but these are the ones you’ll use the most.