Movie Night with VISAS

VISAS has a special announcement: this month, our social event will be a FREE movie night!

Join your VISAS friends for an evening of popcorn and fun at Newcomb Theater, which will be screening Green Book on Saturday, Nov. 17 at 8pm before it hits theaters.

This comedy-drama film is about Jamaican-American pianist Don Shirley’s tour of the Deep South in the 1960s. In need of protection and a driver, Shirley recruits a bouncer from the Bronx. The two form an unexpected friendship during an era of segregation and intense racism.

VISAS participants will meet up before the show so we can find seating together. See our Facebook page for real-time updates and more information.

~ A BIG thank you to the University Programs Council and Universal Pictures for making this film possible and creating the event’s awesome graphic ~45206609_2147831308568682_2800528374475259904_o